Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to answer your questions.

Checkout My Shed is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace. In minutes, lenders can list their items, set their price & replacement fee; and renters can search for items near their home. We have built in a calendar to ensure items aren’t double booked; and a chat function to help organise pickup.

Currently, Checkout My Shed take 15% of the rental fee to cover the costs of the platform.

It’s up to the owner, and is specified for the listing. Some items may only be 1 day, others could be 7 days! We’re keeping it flexible so you can choose.
We’ve built a secure chat function for you. You can use this to organise pick-up and drop-off without sharing any of your personal contact information.
To keep things secure, all payment is organised online through a Third Party Payment Provider called Stripe. Payment is taken from your assigned card once the lender approves your booking.
Lenders are paid in the first week of each month for all rentals completed the prior month. This way, it’s like a monthly pay-cheque you can come to expect. Third Party Payment fees are taken out of the amount paid to lenders.
We want to make sure our lenders feel as comfortable as possible, so we have put a few systems in place. Firstly, we have a review system, so you know the renter can be trusted. Secondly, we have our Lender Protection Assurance. Lenders have the ability to set replacement fees when listing, which cover any potential cost for damaged or lost items (although we hope this doesn’t happen). This means, in the unfortunate event an item is lost or damaged, lenders are reimbursed the amount of the replacement fee.
Nope! There are no membership charges to the platform. You can list unlimited items and can borrow as many as you like.

Checkout My Shed has been designed with your safety and security in mind.

Using the online payment system will ensure any payments can be tracked and refunded if necessary.

The chat function also ensures you don’t need to give away any personal information.

And of course, if there is anything suspicious, please contact us directly.